Global learning and teaching

The Monash Warwick Alliance aims to produce internationally skilled graduates who are ready to face the challenges of a global workplace and can excel in their chosen fields, wherever they choose to work.

To make this a reality, the Alliance is making significant investments in staff, technology platforms and education offerings to foster international networks, increase exposure to a broader range of expertise, and create new employment opportunities.

By harnessing our complementary strengths and areas of excellence, new interdisciplinary opportunities are emerging across both institutions.

A wide world of opportunities

We are creating a seamless international experience for our students and educators through new and innovative academic programs and initiatives including:

  • student virtual and physical mobility programs for undergraduates and postgraduates, covering all Alliance campuses and attracting the very best students
  • joint and double master's programs and joint PhD programs that are distinctive and draw on the education and research strengths of two world class universities
  • joint development and exchange of digital and online material, modules, social networking and blended-learning opportunities, such as interdisciplinary undergraduate units jointly taught through the International Portal
  • outstanding opportunities for cross-cultural and international engagement through Alliance-supported student-led initiatives
  • the development of an extensive Alliance program of lectures, symposia and research.
  • support for undergraduate research students through the annual International Conference for Undergraduate Research (ICUR) and the student-led production of the undergraduate research journal, Reinvention

Learning and teaching funding opportunities

A number of funding schemes are available to both students and staff to support Monash and Warwick learning and teaching projects that align with the Alliance's objectives.