Joint PhD

With the Monash Warwick Alliance joint PhD, you can undertake research of global importance at two research-intensive universities in opposite hemispheres.

During the three-year joint PhD, you will spend at least one year at Warwick in the United Kingdom and one year at Monash, Australia. Travel to the other institution usually occurs in the program's second year.

You will be guided by a supervisor at each university in areas of Alliance research collaboration.

As well as your research, you will engage in personal, professional and academic training delivered by colleagues with expert knowledge of global job market demands.


You can apply for a range of scholarships at each university:

  • Monash¬†information about joint PhD scholarships.
  • Warwick¬†information about joint PhD scholarships.

A limited number of joint PhD students may also receive a mobility grant to support travel between Monash and Warwick.

Research areas

The joint PhD provides opportunities to study in areas of Alliance research collaboration.

The Monash faculties of Science, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Information Technology, and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are all registered providers of the joint PhD.

The Warwick faculties of Science (which includes information technology and engineering), Arts and Social Sciences, and the Warwick Medical School are all registered providers of the joint PhD.

New collaborations are being regularly developed. If you are interested in the joint PhD, visit the relevant faculty research pages to see specific areas of research strength and to identify supervisors at Monash and Warwick.


Australian students should apply for the joint PhD through Monash and UK/EU students should apply to Warwick. International students outside of these countries should apply to the university at which the course will start