Research collaboration

Monash and Warwick have complementary research strengths, skills and capabilities.

The Alliance is making significant investment in research activities from incubation stage through to joint-research teams – including joint Monash-Warwick professors who are employed by both universities – that seek to elevate both institutions to international leadership within a given field. Our joint PhD program contributes to these research efforts.

We have already identified several areas for initial collaborative development: sustainable chemistry, nanomedicine, advanced imaging and materials, and understanding cultures.

Several individual researchers and exciting research initiatives supported by the Alliance have already received external recognition, including:

  • AUD$28m from the Australian Research Council for a Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging to develop innovative imaging technologies to explore the immune system, leading to a better understanding of how the immune system functions.
  • AUD$26m from the Australian Research Council for a Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology that focuses on new scientific and social understanding, underpinning advances in bio-nanotechnology.
  • AUD$9m for a unique collaboration between Monash University, University of Warwick, CSIRO, Griffith University, and the University of Western Australia, to investigate the optimal forms of asset allocation by super funds, and how this will impact on economic growth as the pool of funds under management grows.
  • GBP£1.8m / AUD$2.7m from the UK's Arts and Humanities Research Council to investigate how modern Italian culture has developed around the world.
  • AUD$766,000 from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council to investigate the effectiveness of aspirin in healing leg ulcers.
  • Professor Sébastien Perrier, one of the Alliance's first joint professorial appointments, has received three prestigious awards recognising his organic nanotube research from the Royal Society, the Australian Academy of Science and the American Chemical Society.

Research funding opportunities

A number of funding schemes are available to support Monash and Warwick researchers in collaborative projects that align with the Alliance's research objectives.