Find a collaborator (Piirus)

Connecting researchers at Monash and Warwick

Researchers looking for potential collaborators at Monash or Warwick can use Piirus, a free online tool that links researchers within their field and across disciplines.

Piirus can help you:

  • contact other researchers within your institution and beyond
  • search for researchers with particular interests, expertise or techniques
  • create interdisciplinary connections to refresh your work and widen funding opportunities
  • improve the visibility of your research outside your institution
  • identify potential postgraduate candidates.

To use Piirus, register and create a short profile outline your collaboration interests, research areas and methodologies. Piirus will suggest potential collaborators from other registered researchers.

There is minimal effort to create and maintain a Piirus profile, because it works alongside other systems that record full profiles. You can add links to your university profile, blog, LinkedIn profile and profile without having to enter all the information they contain separately to your Piirus profile.

Managed by the University of Warwick, Piirus continues to grow as it becomes available to more institutions worldwide.

  • Watch the Piirus video to learn how this online tool can connect you with other researchers.
  • Visit the Piirus website for more information.