Research projects

The Alliance supports numerous research projects across many disciplines. Projects are now underway in our initial areas of collaborative development – sustainable chemistry, nanomedicine, advanced imaging and materials, and understanding cultures.

We regularly review new areas in which we can expand our research efforts and take advantage of each institution's strengths.

Following is a snapshot of our recent research projects.

Interdisciplinary mathematics and complex systems

Modern mathematical methods applied to industrial, 
technological and environmental problems are being explored through a partnership between the Monash Academy for Cross and Interdisciplinary Mathematical Applications (MAXIMA), the Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick programme (MIR@W) and the Warwick Centre for Complexity Science (WCCS). Graduate training is a primary focus for this partnership, with jointly supervised PhD students and the development of shared training resources. Joint academic publications, international workshops and conferences, grant applications, partnerships with non­academic agencies, and the generation of intellectual property are also being developed.

Monash lead: Professor Kate Smith-Miles
Warwick lead: Associate Professor Colm Connaughton

Rethinking violence against women

Monash and Warwick have complimentary research strengths in gender studies and political science/political economy. Violence against women remains a global problem and this collaboration aims to generate high impact research that will influence policy makers in their efforts to prevent extreme violence. The project is exploring different forms of violence against women in three regional contexts: the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Workshops with an interdisciplinary team of Monash and Warwick researchers are setting a new research agenda for the study of violence against women, in addition to developing large-scale external funding proposals.

Monash lead: Professor Jacqui True
Warwick lead: Professor Nicola Pratt

The impact of entrepreneurial experience on entrepreneurial outcomes

To date, this project has explored the outcomes of entrepreneurship and the experience of business failure through workshops involving academics from Warwick, Monash and other UK institutions. The researchers will start collecting data in China towards the beginning of 2015 and have already had a research paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Organizational Behavior (A*). A further two manuscripts are currently being prepared for publication.

Monash lead: Professor Alex Newman
Warwick lead: Professor Deniz Ucbasaran

Mobility, social inclusion and transnational identities in Italy and beyond

This project seeks to address the importance of cultural translation in the way in which 'national' cultures have developed since the late 19th century. Looking at different periods and contexts, it asks how the concept of translation can be used to enhance our understanding of the mechanics and consequences of nation building, colonialism and post-colonialism, migration, and globalisation.

Monash lead: Professor Rita Wilson
Warwick lead: Associate Professor Loredana Polezzi

View a list of all Alliance-funded projects (PDF, 81kb).